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About HealthEC®

The HealthEC® platform is a one-stop solution that helps healthcare organizations achieve better outcomes and reduce healthcare costs for the populations they serve. It is built on the exchange of information between claims, labs, pharmacies, and clinical records from physician practices and facilities. Healthcare information is aggregated into data rich repositories that empower physicians, data analysts and care coordinators to improve the quality of care while reducing the overall spend dramatically. HealthEC solutions engage payers, providers, and patients in the U.S. healthcare system.

HealthEC® provides comprehensive, end-to-end Population Health Management solutions and consulting services that: monitor utilization and improve the financial performance of organizations through cost reduction strategies, while enhancing productivity, facilitating the delivery of better quality care for patients through evidence-based medicine, and increasing patient and provider engagement.”

Our solutions enable healthcare practitioners to improve their bottom line with our pioneering technology and consulting services, which control costs and increase rewards and incentives, while improving patient outcomes through full-scale healthcare data integration and management.

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