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At IGI, we have expertise in Market Research Survey Programming, data collection and reporting. Our in-depth knowledge of various survey programming tools have enabled us to deliver a wide range of industry-leading online market research surveys. Our market research services can leverage our clients and their survey participants an enjoyable online survey experience, with attention to the details necessary to achieve high quality feedback.

IGI provides a very high quality online surveys for:

  • B2B Market Research Surveys
  • Consumer Surveys
  • Employee Job Satisfaction Surveys
  • All Types of Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Loyalty and Feedback Surveys

Our quantitative research services include online survey questionnaire programming, transaltion & panel management, survey hosting & administration, survey data processing & analysis and online reporting.

We offer quick turn around time with multi-step quality assurance. A team of professionals are capable of integrating online surveys with other applications/processes in the organisation. We are capable of building tools/utilities to address the customized needs and enable clients to grow in an ever changing and highly competitive ecosystem.

Our expert professionals provide our clients and survey participants with a fully managed professional experience (by following strict set of guidelines) during the life-cycle of project. Our team administrate the survey development & hosting and constantly validate the quality of data being captured. The feedback and interim data are shared regularly with client and 2-way communications are established thus how we engaged our clients as well. Typical survey programming project may include:

  • Web Survey Programming
  • Quality Testing
  • Translation QNR and Overlay online
  • Respondent List Management
  • Duplicate Email-Ids cleaning
  • Survey Invitations Drafting & Email
  • Maintaining Unsubscribe Emails / Links
  • Managing Undeliverable Invitations
  • Respondent Technical Support
  • Ongoing Client Updates
  • Interview progress and Quota Monitoring
  • Data cleaning and data validation
  • Data availability in multiple formats e.g., excel, spss etc.
  • Data processing and OE coding
  • Tabulations and charting
  • Online reporting

We have capability to sanitize the data collected through surveys by performing many tasks which result in superior data and higher quality feedback.

  • Straight-line testing
  • Review of text field responses
  • Review of each respondent's survey completion time
  • Advance data rule
  • Data cleaning through other filtering techniques
  • Manipulation of Excel / SPSS data files
  • Open-end response / verbatim coding

Our Strong reporting capabilities and reporting professionals are capable to deliver and concise reports ranging from less expensive top-line reporting to highly customized reports based on in-depth analysis. Survey reporting options which achieve your project objectives and fits into your budget are:

  • Raw survey data files in various formats (e.g., Excel or SPSS)
  • Top-line automated reporting with question response frequencies and bar charts
  • Tabulation Reports from respondents data
  • Collated "verbatim files" with comments to open-ended survey questions
  • Online complex reports as per your requirement
  • An automated export of report in PDF, PPT and Excel format for real-time data

We can also develop and deploy custom reporting solutions for ongoing survey projects, wave-to-wave studies, and delivery of personalized reports for each respondent and full support services.