Cloud Transformation

We've always put our customers first. Since the day we opened our doors, our focus has been on the success of our customers. This approach has driven our growth and success. Our technology, partnerships, and communities help companies connect with their customers and become a customer-focused company.


At IGI, we offer cloud services that help enterprises enhance customer experience, accelerate business outcomes, and build future-ready capabilities. We help our customers optimize, scale, manage, and outsource IT resources to rationalize investments. Our industry solutions simplify processes, modernize applications, and enable cognitive intelligence to meet your customer's business needs.

Our IGI Consulting teams use the Accelerator to deliver hybrid cloud journeys with specific execution and transformation steps. This process takes a workload from the source deployment to a transformed cloud-deployed end state. The platform offers flexibility, allowing you to choose what to move and when based on your business needs. It enables consistency and provides an accelerated modernization process end-to-end, from rapid discovery to solutions and low-touch delivery.

At IGI, we offer services to help manage and maintain Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud applications for your business. This frees up your time and resources to focus on innovation and new opportunities. Our services include improving your IT security and compliance reporting for workloads, quickly delivering services and applications to line-of-business and enhancing your disaster recovery and business continuity capabilities.

Our Cloud Transformation services include:

Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud Strategy & Design

Application Transformation

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