Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

We make existing systems AI/ML receptive and add smart systems with the potential of scalability and capacity to create automated and intelligent processes. This reduces the average time spent on day-to-day activities and magnifies the efficiency.


As a business that values privacy and collaboration, IGI has created a platform that unlocks the power of data and AI. With our innovative technology, organizations can collaborate on data analysis while ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations and ESG standards. Our goal is to empower businesses to make informed decisions based on real-time data insights without compromising on privacy or collaboration.

At IGI, our goal is to empower businesses by enabling them to seamlessly mine continuously streaming data into actionable insights. We understand that the decision-making process can be overwhelming at times, which is why we have developed our innovative "open core platform" that leverages machine learning to provide streaming data and contextualize data sources like never before. With our cutting-edge technology, businesses can confidently make informed decisions that are backed by real-time data analysis .

Our Digital Transformation services include:

Build Generative AI applications

Add AI to your Business Applications

Build Train or Deploy Machine Learning Models for any use case

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